Clean Out and Hauling: We can help pack up your existing junk and take it to an offsite storage facility, bring a trailer or dumpster so you can decide what you want to keep and what to get rid of. Donations and recycling are always our first choice.

Temporary Storage: We can arrange for a mobile storage unit to be put in the driveway to temporarily house your belongings until the garage renovation is completed.

Electrical: We can add circuits, outlets, and switches for new electrical needs. Even timed outlets for exterior or Christmas lights.

Lighting: Standard fluorescent tube lights, LED can lights, recessed lights, and special area lighting can all be added.

Compressed Air Piping: Folks with air powered tools or wishing to have easy access to pump up tires, balls or sports equipment appreciate having an air compressor connected to a built in air system. We can put the connections at a convenient location, and add a coiled hose if needed.

Plumbing: Perhaps you want to add a utility sink, water supply for an ice maker, a water softener, or even a bathroom into the garage. Now is the time to get it done.

Insulation and Drywall: We can add insulation for help with temperature control and noise transmission. Then we add blocking where needed and cover the walls and ceiling with new drywall sheets.

Texture and Painting: The new drywall typically gets a coating of drywall mud and then a hand trowel, smooth coat or orange peel type texture applied. Once that is dry the walls and ceiling are painted.

Custom Flooring: A durable epoxy coating in solid or granite speckles is often selected, but the floor can be painted, tiled or covered with many different types of flooring depending on your intended use.

New pedestrian and roll up doors: If your current doors are in poor condition we can upgrade them to a more solid and durable style.

Entertainment Systems: We can add built in speakers for music, cabling for television, or computer monitors.

Shelving and Storage: Custom, store bought or Ready To Assemble cabinetry in many styles and price points are available. Stainless, hammered finish, or basic white, your choice!

Tool Sets and Tool Boxes: We can fit any budget when selecting you a set of tools. We find it makes an awesome gift. A rolling box with all the basic home improvement tools will have you prepared to conquer most any home improvement project!