We can take your dusty, dark and tired garage and make it a place of light, joy and pride.   Nowadays many homes have garages that are far more than a place to park the old Buick and pile up the Christmas decorations.  They have become multipurpose entertainment rooms, and overflow storage spaces in addition to a place to park the car.  With the high price of real estate here in San Diego, no one can blame you for wanting to make the most of that space.

If you have an older home, you probably have dusty lumber and old black stucco paper as your garage interior.  We can come in and revise the wiring and plumbing, then insulate the walls and hang sheetrock.  Tape the joints, and apply a nice texture, then paint it the color of your choice.

After the walls and ceiling are done we would do an awesome floor treatment.  Many folks choose a super durable epoxy floor.  With many colors and style available it is a great choice for a garage.  We can also install carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, or a variety of other surfaces.

We install your choice of lighting to brighten up the space.  Can lights, recessed lights, basic fluorescent tube lighting, we have many choices available.  There are cool upgrades like built in sound systems and speakers, flat screen TV sets, computer monitors, control centers.  We put outlets where you want them.

Cabinetry is the last item on the list.  With several choices of ready to hang, or ready to assemble cabinets, we can fit various budgets and style requirements.  Finally you can put away the junk that just seems to pile up.

Other options include piping and outlets for compressed air tools, water filtration systems, adding windows, skylights or vent fans.  We can add AC and Heat if you want to use the garage as an extension of the house, or a place to send the kids or even as an awe inspiring man-cave to catch sports.

If this is a gift for the handy man in your life, we can set him up with a sweet rolling toolbox with all the tools he needs to get cracking on that honey-do list.